Since we first launched Top & Derby, we’ve met a bunch of people who come from different walks of life, and who are doing great things to drive awareness for different causes. Labels don’t define these people, but interests do. Nothing is alike for this group and, at the same time, everything is alike. All are explorers, who are hilarious, thoughtful, and downright bad ass. And, we’re glad to call them our friends.


Logo for the Inclusive Fashion and Design Collective

The Inclusive Fashion + Design Collective is a trade association for designers and manufacturers of inclusive products that question the status quo and strive to enhance the lives of those with disabilities. The mission of the IFDC is to increase the impact of beautiful, functional products in our everyday lives and in the global economy. 


Liz Jackson portrait

Liz got sick in 2012, and things started falling apart. But, she learned a few things and didn’t let a bit of bad news get her down. She got on her horse and, like Paul Revere, started riding into the night. Liz started knocking on the doors of major corporations to bring awareness to the stigma of disability, and many people began to take notice. Through her advocacy efforts, Liz started a petition called #YesJCrew, with the idea of getting mainstream retailers, like J.Crew, to carry products like walking canes; they carry eye glasses, so why not canes? Her work has been featured in many different media publications, including, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and the New Yorker. Liz lives in New York with the love of her life, Megan, and her dog, Hanky.


Kellen Prouse portrait

Kellen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, and things went downhill quickly.  A short six months after his diagnosis, Kellen couldn’t walk, see, or feel much of anything. That was only the beginning. He felt lost. He couldn’t help out around the house. He couldn’t keep up with friends. He couldn’t even keep up with the large crowd of commuters on his way to work. Living with MS has shown Kellen that a “normal” life is all relative. Just because MS may limit him in doing some “normal” things, it doesn’t mean that is life is any less normal than that of an average person. If anything, MS has inspired Kellen to pursue and document the adventures of his life. And, his family has become closer from it. Kellen lives in the Pacific Northwest, with his main squeeze, Meghann, and his son, Tucker.