Walking Cane Sizing

Our cane is available in three sizes, is fixed in length, and non-adjustable, so please follow one of these steps before placing your order.

NOTE: Our Chatfield 2.0 cane model may be cut down to size if you require a specific custom length. Feel free to send us a message if you need some helpful tips on how to accomplish this. (there are no returns or exchanges on modified walking sticks)


Diagram showing measurement of caneLike your favorite pair of jeans, you might have a favorite cane that you like to use. If you already use a walking stick and are comfortable with the height of it, then measure it to determine the size of Top & Derby cane that you’d like to order. If the length of your existing cane is in between two of our sizes, we suggest ordering the larger of the two sizes.



Diagram showing proper cane sizingWhether you wear sneakers, stilettos, or sandals, throw on the type of shoe that you wear most frequently. Have a friend or foe measure the distance from the floor, up to your wrist joint. Your arm should be relaxed at your side and bent slightly. Once you’ve read the measurement, pick the length of the Top & Derby walking stick that matches closest in length. If the measurement is in between two of our cane sizes, we suggest ordering the larger of the two.