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About Our Compression Socks

Sitting, standing or flying for long periods can make your legs feel sleepy and achy. Top & Derby graduated compression socks help ease these symptoms by gently squeezing your legs to increase circulation and blood flow. We feel confident that we make some of the best compression socks around and we think you'll like them!


woman's feet on bar stool with coral and blue striped compression socks

 Healthy Benefits

Improve Circulation

Reduce Aches and Pains

Prevent Swelling

Prevent Varicose Veins 


Graduated compression stockings apply the most pressure at the ankle and gradually less as they go up the leg. Our socks have a moderate compression level of 15-20 mmHg which is the most versatile and perfect for everyday use.

Icon with arrows depicting graduated compression level and numbers 15-20 mmHg


 Top-drawer Features

Our premium travel socks have a higher thread count which enhances comfort and durability. We've also worked hard to achieve the perfect fit and a wider calf to eliminate pinching and binding. Most competitors have bumpy toe seams that can be uncomfortable. Our toes are flat and smooth to the touch!

200 Needle Construction

Seamless Toes

Contoured Shaping

Wide Top Bands


 Who Should Wear Them?

Whether people sit at a desk, partake in high-intensity activity or are on their feet all day, they’ll all benefit from wearing compression socks. Our socks are ideal for travelers, pregnant women, nurses, office workers, teachers, elephant handlers, athletes and just about anyone that wants to look and feel their best.


Silhouettes of different people 

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