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Gizmodo: A new golden age in cane design?

A nice post on Abler Gizmodo - cheers Sara Hendren!

"Auction houses will still sell you exquisite canes from the late 19th and early 20th century. They often feature ornate carved wood or engraved silver, with all manner of designs and images on their handles. For those who aren't antiques enthusiasts, however, canes have been bereft of much contemporary design imagination. Until recently, that is." Read more.

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Uncrate: Top & Derby cane

Great post by Uncrate! Much appreciated.

"It doesn't really matter what you need it for — unless you're going with a gold-handled model and a pimp-style outfit, most walking sticks don't enhance your look." Read more.

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Winnipeg Free Press: Everybody's walkin'

Thank you for the featuring Top & Derby in the Winnipeg Free Press.

"Top & Derby is a Winnipeg company determined to bring the walking stick, which has gone from being stylishly crafted to cold and utilitarian, back to its glory days as a fashion accessory." Read more.
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A Design Dock: Fashionable canes from Top & Derby

Thank you for your inspiring and thoughtful blog post about our cane. We appreciate it!

"Top & Derby is a company made up of three guys who are "passionate about improving people's lives by designing products that matter". They're in the business of designing fun, fashionable and innovative canes that people will be proud to own and wear." Read more.
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